Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello everyone! Today's post was inspired by Skizzy Mars. Moments is a single of his new up and coming album Pace, which will release on March 4th.
Tip: When choosing an outfit, try to choose one that will make you stand out. Choose colors that pop and are vibrant.
Today I went with my black cardigan and paired it with my teal button up. To make the button up stand out more, I chose my black tie with my stellar skull tie clip, to give it that dapper look.
Guess makes some of the best looking watches, like this one. It is a simple design yet has an elegant look to it. All black with with a diamond on top. If your looking for a watch, look no more. Guess is the brand to buy.
To add to the black, I wore my black pants with my black leather boots to finish off this simply yet sheik outfit.
Sunglasses: Clubmasters
Cardigan:Forever 21
Button Up:American Rag
Tie & Tie Clip:Ben Sherman
Boots:Stacy Adams
Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment below. Photography by Juan Gullien// -Stay G & Dapper-
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Lapel Felt Flower

 Hello everyone! Today's post is about a little accessory called Lapel Felt Flowers.
 Thanks to John from Suited Man, I was able to acquire one of these beauties!
 These are the perfect accessory to achieve the dapper accent. Lapel Felt Flowers are prefect for those gentlemen who are into fashion or a dapper man, they go well on a suit with a slim tie, tie bar, and pocket square. Homegrown in the California sun, and handmade in the USA!
So go check out Suited Man for all your dapper needs:
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-Stay G & Dapper-
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Must Haves For The New Year

 Every Gent should at least own 2 or 3 of these items.  Here are some of my must haves for the new year: First up is the Herschel Post, as seen in my previous post. This bag is simple yet has that dapper look to it. The brown leather strap makes this bag! It adds style and gives off that vintage look to any outfit.
Next up is this navy Peacoat by OBEY. This is perfect during winter time. If you want to keep warm during those cold winter days, this is a must. One of the best coats I've owned by far.
 Tie clips are an essential for any gent. These are perfect to add more style to any men or young men's outfit. 
Watches are key nowadays, every guy should own a watch. Watches are another accessorie that can add more style to any guys wardrobe. Mine is a solid black watch from H&M, simple yet classy.
Another piece every gent should own is a quality tie. Ties say allot about a man, if he has style and how he keeps himself together. My favorite quality ties are The Penguin and Alfani. The tie shown here is a skinny navy wool tie made by Alfani.
Sunglasses are apart of my everyday wardrobe. Especially Clubmasters, in my opinion they are the best sunglasses for any Dapper man. The gold half frame accented with the black just gives it so much style. A definite essential.
The most important thing for any guy should be smell. Personally it is better to use cologne than body spray, because cologne stays on all day and body spray only lasts 5 minutes. Giorgio Armani makes one of the best smelling Cologne's around, Acqua Di Gio. So start the new year right by smelling good.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Plastic Dreams

Today's outfit was inspired by G-EAZY. Plastic Dreams is his best song by far from the Oakland rapper.
My favorite verse from Plastic Dreams is, " But these dreams aren't far anymore, you can tell them that"
If you want a pair of sunglasses but don't know which to buy, look no further. Clubmasters are the best sunglasses for men or young men with style.
The most important piece of an outfit is the tops. Today I Chose my navy low cut t-shirt with white axes, and I paired it with a grey cardigan. Both pieces are from Forever 21.
I went with my black pants from Forever 21 because you can never go wrong with black, and it goes with everything.
For today's boots I choose my navy boots from H&M to match my navy shirt. And I went with my black Alfani socks to accent my black pants.
My backpack is the one and only Herschel post. They make some of the best backpacks that are really high quality that you can afford. So go out and buy one already!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Lady Killers

Hello everyone! Todays outfit was inspired from a song by G-EAZY. A Lady Killer is a guy who kills lady's with his style and looks.
 One of my favorite lines from the song is "I'm a Lady Killer, if I want her i'mma steal her"
What a beautiful day!I decided to go with a color combination of navy, white,and black.
 The sweater and boots are both navy with a pair of tan laces, accented with a plain white tee.
 To finish it off i paired it with some cuffed black pants, a solid black watch, and a pair of tortoise half frame sunglasses.

This outfit was made possible thanks to H&M, and Forever 21. The sweater, boots, and watch are from H&M. The plain tee, pants, sunglasses, and socks are from Forever 21.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Eve Outfit

 Happy New Year everyone! Here are some photos from last night's outfit.

2014 is here and let's make this the best year yet! The suit and boots are from H&M, the dress shirt is from Forever 21, and the pocket square and tie bar are from JCPenny.