Friday, February 28, 2014

These Things Happen Tour: LA

Last night was cinematic to say the least... Last night I attended G-EAZY's show at the Fonda theater in LA. I got to meet the best rapper of all time again, G-EAZY for his tour, THESE THINGS HAPPEN
One of the sickest producers in the game right now, Christoph Andersson. He makes the sickest beats for G, this guy is gonna be big someday along with G.
Got to meet the beautiful Devon Baldwin again! She had a great performance when she sang with G, she also has a fantastic voice. Plus she remembered me from last time!
This guy right here is one of the sickest DJ's in LA, DJ Gnash! He sure can keep the crowd going all night!
Freshest drummer alive, Blizzy LC. This guy has mad skills on the drums, and has a great clothing brand as well!
Bobby Bruderle, the best photographer in town last night. This dudes a legend!
G-EAZY and Devon Baldwin Killed it last night on stage, there new song together is stellar! It sort of reminds me of Plastic Dreams.
G is a great live performer, and his new album sounds 10 times better than Must Be Nice, and that was a great album. I wish  i could relive last night, and do it all over again, but i guess These Things Happen...
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seasons End

Hello everyone! For today's outfit i wore my polka-dot shirt from Forever21, with my black jeans from vans, to finish it off i wore my glasses with my navy boots from H&M.
Yesterday was our last game of the season for our high school soccer team, and here are all the photos from yesterday!
Shoutout to all my teammates and friends that were there yesterday! Thanks to Brian, Charlie, Devon, Ingrid, Joey, Jordy and most importantly my manager Julio! Check out my boy Charlies song I Know That - Feat, Jordy its a banger!
We ended up beating Redlands 4-0, the perfect way to finish the season. I just wanted to say thank you to all my teammates and my coach. I'm so glad to play with each and everyone one of you guys, i had a blast this year! Until next season...Thanks for reading, leave a comment below, and follow me on my social media accounts to stay up to date on new posts!
-Stay G & Dapper-
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

These Things Happen Listening Party

Last night was cinematic... Today's post was inspired by G-EAZY's new album These Things Happen.
Last night Spotify hosted a secret listening party for G's new album. The venue was The Lyric Theatre in LA!
G's new album was a banger!!! I can't wait for it to come out, it is a must buy. These Things Happen will possibly be the best album this year!
Hey KYLE! The man Super Duper KYLE was in attendance last night and was signing autographs!
The beautiful Devon Baldwin was also in attendance last night, i loved her new song she did with Young Gerald.
To cap off a cinematic night, got autographs from G-EAZY, KYLE, and Devon Baldwin!
The best part was when I met G-EAZY! He was so chill and cool. I got to talk to him 3 times last night, he's one humble guy. From the songs I heard last night, they were so sick! The beats and lyrics are stellar, and they way it's produced is amazing. I can't wait for this to album to drop.
Last night was a movie... I wish I could relive it again. And lucky me, I get to meet G-EAZY, KYLE, and Devon again on February 27 for the These Things Happen tour in LA. Plus I get to see the Show but till than...
Thanks to Spotify and G-EAZY for the invite, can't wait till the 27!
Thanks for reading
-Stay G & Dapper-
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