Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seasons End

Hello everyone! For today's outfit i wore my polka-dot shirt from Forever21, with my black jeans from vans, to finish it off i wore my glasses with my navy boots from H&M.
Yesterday was our last game of the season for our high school soccer team, and here are all the photos from yesterday!
Shoutout to all my teammates and friends that were there yesterday! Thanks to Brian, Charlie, Devon, Ingrid, Joey, Jordy and most importantly my manager Julio! Check out my boy Charlies song I Know That - Feat, Jordy its a banger!
We ended up beating Redlands 4-0, the perfect way to finish the season. I just wanted to say thank you to all my teammates and my coach. I'm so glad to play with each and everyone one of you guys, i had a blast this year! Until next season...Thanks for reading, leave a comment below, and follow me on my social media accounts to stay up to date on new posts!
-Stay G & Dapper-
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