Thursday, March 13, 2014

Been On

Hey everyone, today's post was inspired by G-EAZY. Been On talks about how people are catching up to the stuff you've already been on. Check it out here:
Today's post was also inspired by a tie company, Friday Tieday. Friday Tieday make some exceptional ties with stellar designs for a great price!
They are located in Sweden, but they ship worldwide, special thanks to Karl from Friday Tieday, thanks so much for all you've done for me. Check out Friday Tieday and order yourself a tie at:
For my attire, I decided to pair my black button up, with my navy and gold polka-dot tie to match my school colors.
For my pants, I wore my khaki slacks with my black boots, I also cuffed them twice times to add my style to the outfit.
Last night was my soccer banquet for my high school team, so my navy and gold tie was the perfect choice because those are my schools colors. Here are some of the photos from last night
Button up: H&M
Tie: Friday Tieday
Slacks: Forever 21
Boots: Stacy Adams
Thanks to my team, I had a blast this year! And thanks again to Friday Tieday, go order yourself a tie today! Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below.
-Stay G & Dapper-
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