Sunday, March 30, 2014

Photography Of The Week

 Hey everyone! Today's post is all about the photos i took from this week, this weeks inspiration was mainly focused on nature. Nature is a beautiful thing that we take for granted everyday, but its truly a one of Earth's treasures.
 These right here are Macaroons, they are little deserts that are mainly from Europe. But if your lucky you might just find them in the US. When you bite into one you automatically taste the filling and then you taste the sweet soft cookie. Macaroons are exceptional and are a great desert for any party.
Thanks for viewing, comment below and tell me if you like this new segment. And if you'd like to see some more new segments! All these photos were shot with my Iphone 5s.
-Stay G & Dapper-
 photo ocean_twitter_zpsd5661576.png photo ocean_instagram_zps55691f02.png


  1. i've never tried macroons or macarons, i really need to get into that ! nature is great to photograph, i've done many units on the topic and it's great to look at in various ways :)
    Lauren x
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  2. Great photographs with great diversity, a beautiful flower, then the darkness of tall trees and clouds with the sun begging to shine through. Yummy macaroons and two of my favorite colors - pink and lavender.

  3. J-Dapper, part of fashion can be compared to nature - everyone's style is unique and fashion, colors and individual looks come together like the flowers and tress we see everyday. Love the addition! *rg

  4. Macaroon is my most favourite sweets !